Priestesses in Residence

Erin Duffy-Burke

Erin Duffy-Burke (she, her, hers) is a contemporary Catholic priestess of Sophia, the feminine heart of Christ.  She feels it is a great honor to be part of the reclamation and restoration of the lineage of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Joan of Arc, and all the many other priestesses of Sophia Christ.  Her offerings these days include one-on-one spiritual accompaniment; facilitating a weekly free-form movement space called Evolve Ecstatic Dance; serving as a birth doula priestess; wedding officiating and ritual presiding; writing; preaching; and tuning in to however and wherever Sophia asks her to show up in service to the emergence of the Divine Feminine.  She is very excited to be called into ministry as a co-foundress of Sophia Rising! 

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Annie Girresch

Annie (she/her/hers) is spiritual caregiver through cycles of life and death.  She’s on a journey of loving Life and letting her heart get bigger. She loves to hike, dance, cook, sing and spend time with her family and friends.

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Jennifer Reyes Lay

Jennifer Reyes Lay (she, her, hers) is a catholic priestess in the lineage of the Magdalene. She seeks to incarnate and share the loving and liberating presence of Sophia Christ in her life and ministry. Jennifer is an ecofeminist theologian, ritual leader, preacher, musician and songwriter, poet, facilitator, aspiring herbalist, midwife of justice, and lover of the natural world. She is fluent in Spanish (se habla Español) and happy to offer her many gifts and skills to the Spanish-speaking community for their spiritual and ritual needs. She lives in St. Louis, MO, the ancestral land of the Osage and Missouria people, with her husband Roger and dog Bella.

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Jessica Gazzola

Jessica (she, her, hers) is a Catholic Priestess tracing her spiritual lineage to the Mary’s surrounding Jesus (the Magdalene, his Mother, Mary & Martha). The sacredness of dirt, food, and a warm hearth track through her Italian and Polish heritage. Her calling to the Priestess path is a dynamic unfolding. It reveals itself most plainly these days in tending life in a blended family and exploring the wildness of her own soul.  Jessica is called into the threshold places where humans transform – through the fires of birth, grief, eroticism, healing, and the milestones that mark our lives – offering the fire and balm of Sacrament.  She lives with her partner, Kevin. They make family with their three children; Jessica’s former partner, his wife, and child; and a surrogate baby born in 2021 living with his family in China.

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