Holding Space
for Her Rising

We come together to remember, heal, reclaim and renew so Sophia can rise through us.

The Priestesses of Sophia Rising offer communal prayer and group events as well as other personalized services

All ages and genders are welcome to our events, unless otherwise specified.

Summer Soltice Ritual in the “Cedar Cathedral” in Tower Grove Park

Communal prayer

Full Moon Mother Mass

On each Full Moon we gather to celebrate a Mother Mass, a thanksgiving feast of gratitude to the Great Mother of All Life, She Who Is. Check our calendar for dates, times, and locations. Free will donation.

Seasonal Rituals & Holy Days

We honor the four solar transitions that mark our seasons – Winter/Summer Solstice and Fall/Spring Equinox. We drop into ritual and prayer on other Holy Days, including certain Marian and Saint’s Feast Days, and reclaim some earth and ancestor honoring traditions from our European cultures, such as Samhain and Imbolc. Check our calendar for dates, times, and locations. Free will donation.

Rosary Circle

Really?  The Rosary?  

The priestesses of Sophia Rising grew up praying the rosary, our Catholic roots running deep!  In this Rising of Sophia, we reclaim this potent and ancient prayer practice as a devotion to the Great Goddess, the Mother of All Life.  The language is adjusted to fit a feminist thealogical viewpoint and in resonance with our hearts and the real needs of our lives.  We pray with our hearts, pouring our aches and desires into the lap of Sovereign Mary as we walk with her through the cycles of birth, death and new life.  We were inspired to begin praying the rosary as a group, and in deep connection to the Earth and Great Mother, after reading the book “The Way of the Rose” by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn.  We highly recommend this book as a resource! 

Send us a note to get added to the Zoom invitation list.  No previous rosary experience necessary.  You can participate as much or as little as you wish.  All genders are welcome.  Rosary circles will always be free of charge.  

Healing Earth Circles

Healing Earth Circles are a way to help us remember and re-member our connection to the larger web of life by coming together and connecting to that web through shared song, spoken word, silence, and intentional presence. Healing earth circles can happen online or in person. To stay connected to the community and know about upcoming gatherings you can join the Facebook group. Click here to join the group.

Coming in 2022…

As our program offerings gestate in winter darkness, look for new ways to connect as the days lengthen. Offerings will include New Moon Grief Rituals, Workshops, Classes, Book Studies, and Retreats.

Other Services

Spiritual Companioning

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Spiritual companioning, also known as spiritual direction, focuses on your particular relationship with the Sacred in your everyday life, relationships, and body. Spiritual sessions can be set up individually or in packages, as frequently as desired. Our priestesses have varied skills including: deep listening, grief work, yoga therapy, spirit journey work, and more. Inquire here and we can begin a conversation to pair you with the right Companion.

Some reasons one might seek out Spiritual Companioning:

  • discernment / decision making
  • desire for closer relationship with the Divine
  • help naming and tracking the movements of Spirit in you and your life
  • as a compliment to therapy or other healing work
  • grief / grieving
  • deepening your relationship with the contours of your own soul and life
  • you get the persistent sense you want “more” out of life
  • spiritual preparation for birth
  • healing toxic religious narratives/ conditioning

Sacrament & Ritual

Our Priestesses serve our community through Sacramental care. Sacraments, visible signs of invisible grace, are available in English or Spanish to all bodies, genders, and sexualities:

  • Baptism
  • Wedding/Sacrament of Marriage
  • Funerals/Memorials
  • Anointing of the Sick
  • Eucharist/Communion
  • Reconciliation

Invite a Priestess to guest preach. All our Priestesses have experience offering sermons and homilies in both Protestant and Catholic settings – churches and retreats.

We believe all of life is sacramental and life transitions, at times, call for ritual. We work with individuals and groups to create custom rituals to hold space for changes such as divorce, emotional or physical healing, name change, coming of age/first blood ceremony, miscarriage, abortion, change in job, home blessings, BlessingWay (alternative to a baby shower), commitment ceremony, and many more.

Doula Services

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Birth Doula

Erin Duffy-Burke is our resident birth doula. Birth is one of the most sacramental moments of life, for baby, mama and family! Erin’s doula work focuses on the spiritual growth and stamina of the birthing woman, to fully enter into this powerful life transition.

Death Doula

Annie Girresch is our resident end of life doula. She provides spiritual, emotional, and logistical care at the end of life. If you or someone you love is possibly facing the end of life, a doula can accompany you in facing the scary questions and thinking through decisions you really don’t want to have to make. 

End of life doulas support individuals and families in:

  • Understanding medical care and facility options
  • Advance Directives and end of life planning
  • Nonjudgmental listening
  • Spiritual and emotional “unfinished business”
  • Prayer and ritual
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Legacy projects to pass on your life’s wisdom to others
  • Funeral/memorial and burial planning and/or presiding


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Would you like one of our Priestesses to lead a workshop, class, or discussion with your group, faith community, or organization? Some areas of expertise include:

  • The history of Christianity, colonialism, and white supremacy
  • Ecofeminism
  • Embodiment
  • The Feminine Divine in the Christian Tradition
  • Mary Magdalene: leader and guide
  • The Rosary: history and practice
  • Queering Christianity
  • Death, dying, and grief
  • Liberation and Social Justice
  • Feminist Principles in Circle Leadership

Sophia Rising holds the dual values of
fair pay for our Priestesses’ time, energy and expertise and
equitable access to services.
If you want to work with us and finances are a barrier, please ask us about scholarships

I grew up Catholic and intentionally distanced from the Church. When my, now-husband, proposed, it was an easy decision to ask Erin to shepherd us through the process. Not only does she have incredible vision, but her ability to name, through narrative, our feelings, experiences, and identities is second-to-none. To this day – more than two years after our wedding weekend – I find myself re-reading the script from our ceremony because it transports me to such an incredible place of love, affirmation, and authenticity. 

Logan Kirsch

Let’s rise together.