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We are Sophia Rising… and so are you!

We welcome you into this community of ritual, learning, and healing for our own liberation and the liberation of all creation.   We believe this a particularly potent time of reclaiming and restoring the gifts and presence of the Divine Feminine as healing medicine for the world, and we welcome you into this evolving, collaborative work! Explore more

About Us

Sophia Rising is a worker-owned network of Christian priestesses and spiritual leaders creating a hub of community, creativity, and collaboration. We reclaim and share the wisdom and embodied presence of the Divine Feminine in and beyond the Christian lineage for the healing and liberation of all creation.

The priestesses of Sophia Rising follow the call of Sophia Christ, each in our own way, back to our bodies, back to the earth, back to our Christian tradition outside the walls of institution. We love to pray together, share life and practice, and make visible the web of interconnection that is Sophia rising!

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Your work and play and prayer are powerful.  Your dancing and your loving are medicine.  Your waking and sleeping dreams are sacred.  Your laughter and your tears are holy.

Taya Mâ

Join us for our Community Song Circle on Sunday, May 28

This Month with Steph Plant

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Wisdom Offerings

Wisdom shines brightly and never fades.
She is seen by those who love Her
and is found by those who seek Her. 
She reveals herself
to all who desire to know her,
and those who rise early to search for Her will not grow weary of the journey,
for they will find Her seated
at the door of their own homes

The Book of Wisdom 6

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