Statement Opposing the Dismantling of Roe vs. Wade

The priestesses of Sophia Rising affirm the inherent right of all people who can become pregnant to access safe, affordable abortions in their own communities. We lament the possible stripping away of this right in the U.S. Constitution, and we mourn the key role Christian faith institutions have played in the devastating reality we now face. Sophia Rising will continue to hold space in the coming months for collective lament and collective action in support of reproductive justice. Check out the resources listed for ways to plug in to the resistance:

Plug into local actions in your area and donate to abortion funds

Webinars for progressive Catholics on how to respond if Roe falls

Read more about the Reproductive Justice movement framework and the women of color who created it.

By Jessica Gazzola

Jessica is a Christian Priestess tracing her spiritual lineage to the Mary’s surrounding Jesus (the Magdalene, his Mother, Mary & Martha). Her calling to the Priestess path is a dynamic unfolding. It reveals itself most plainly these days in tending to the sublime ordinary of life in a blended family and exploring the wildness of her own soul. Jessica is called into the threshold places where humans transform - through the fires of birth, grief, eroticism, healing, and the milestones that mark our lives. She lives with her partner, Kevin. They make family with their three children; Jessica's former partner, his wife, and child; and a surrogate baby born in 2021 living with his family in China.

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