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“Know that you are not alone and that you are necessary.  The world, Jewish and beyond, is gifted and transformed by your unique expression of spirit-connection and leadership.  Your work and play and prayer are powerful.  Your dancing and your loving are medicine.  Your waking and sleeping dreams are sacred.  Your laughter and your tears are holy.  Your being is ancient and new and alchemical.  We need your priestessing.  We need you, priestessing.  We need you, priestess.”  

Taya Mâ

Although our paths were mysteriously being woven much earlier, Spirit drew us together as a circle of women in prayer in 2018.  

Gathering in ritual, song and prayer, we began to ask, “what are we being called to do?”

Spirit said “slow down.”  

Throughout the last three years, Spirit has continuously reoriented us to the question of “who are we called to be?”

Shifting from doing to being has required us to learn a new way of being in circle in the world.

Learning to trust one another, to collaborate and not compete, to share the intimacy of prayer, to break bread and stories and reveal the Wisdom each of us has gleaned from our own walk with Sophia ~ this became our work.  

Navigating our calls to ministry in the institutional church for many years, we each found our own blessings and burdens.  Often our paths led us to feel alone ~ like we had to do all the work by ourselves.  In our collective and individual journeys of healing, Spirit has shown us a way of doing it together.  In this collective we share power, responsibility, wonder, and discernment. While we have often had to shrink ourselves in ministry and in life, here we all get to be big.  We listen for what our souls really yearn to do, what our culture is truly needing, and what we genuinely have the capacity for.  We celebrate saying “no.”  And we honor the refinement of our individual and collective “YES.”

Spirit said “slow down.”  Earth said “know me.”  Our hearts said “love one another.”

After three years of surrendering to this messy and beautiful journey of healing, Spirit calls us forth.  We desire to share the medicine we have been receiving with others.  To create a space where you can come and share your own journey with Sophia Christ.  Where you get to be big.  Where you can discern your own “no’s” and deepen into your wildest “yes’es.”  Where you can be held in kindness and witness as you grow into who Sophia is calling you to be.

We give thanks to the many people who have walked with us as members, friends, midwives and discernment partners of The Christian Priestess Collective.  We couldn’t have gotten here without you.  

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